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Lock RekeyAll people should be cautious at all times, so prevention should be seen as a necessity and not as an option. People who have a car have only one key to the same. Still, the ideal is to have a duplicate of key or car control. So that in case of loss or some other problem, there is a solution, using a lock rekey or spare command.

When you lose your car key, it is unfortunate, making a copy of it can be difficult, depending on the model of the car. When the car is not very new, and its brand is not recognized. The duplicate of the new key is very fast, instead of cars like Audi, BMW, Mercedes, they are not simple and not economical. Many times a device is needed and knowledge from the locksmith.

Duplicate brand car keys are made at dealerships or vehicle factories; this requires an investment, not only of time but of money. The price of the duplicate varies, it can be economical if we choose an original key, if the key has an electronic system, as most are more expensive. There are cases of keys such as card keys that are impossible to copy.


Types Of Car Keys:

Simple Key: These do not have any electronic system integrated, they are mechanical, easy to duplicate, and it is economical if not requested as the original. If you do not have a key for the duplicate, with only the data of the car, such as make, model, and the year are enough for the dealer to give you a new key.

Card Key: These keys cannot be duplicated; they do not need to be in contact with the lock to open and close the car, and even to start it.

Electronic Key: It lacks the mechanical system; it has a transmitter that is inserted into the slot to press a button that starts the vehicle. The same type of key, depending on the car model, varies its price. It all depends on the conditions to make the key copy.

If we do not have a copy of the spare key, duplication can be expensive. Since you will have to use another technique to request this key, either through the frame number, the starter cylinder, among others.

Transponder Technology:

This has been present since the nineties, guaranteeing our personal safety and that of the vehicles, duplicating controls, and car keys with the transponder system. Models of keys that have a chip, electronic devices utilizing radiofrequency, which communicates with other devices in the car for the opening and closing of the doors, among other functions. All new cars have a built-in immobilizer system.

The cost of a copy of a car key or command may vary depending on the model and car brand. Still, if you stay out of your car because the key was lost, you will have the tranquility that you have a copy to open your car.

Where To Make Cheap Car Keys?

The cost of Lock Rekey will vary depending on where you go to duplicate. Let me explain it better. If you take your key to the nearest hardware store in search of a duplicate, if you are lucky, you will find someone to help you. However, many times, the employees of the hardware stores do not have enough experience (or the equipment) to give you the most appropriate and economical solution.

Moreover, they probably offer you only “ONE” solution (or none) to your problem. And this solution may not be the best or the cheapest. This is not because they don’t want to help you. They have easily been trained to insert your key into a machine. This actually depends on how good the machine is, be able to make a copy, or not, of your key.

Keep in mind that it’s not just about copying the sprat of your key. They also have to make a copy of the chip inside (copy of the transponder) what it means to make an electronic copy of your car key.

On the other hand, if you accidentally pass the key to a car key copy specialist or official dealer, you can get help from people trained to replicate your car key. This is the main cause of why the cost of duplicate keys depends on where the duplication takes place.

At the same time, a specialist in car keys may be much more flexible than the official dealer. Since he is not obliged to buy only the spare parts to the brand, and he can also give you a solution on the spot and even at home. That translates into a settlement without appointments or waiting and at a better price.

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