Most people think a locksmith can only help you when you are locked out of the property or need a key cut. These are just two of the services that professional locksmiths can handle but there are plenty of others too. Locksmiths can do more than locks and keys. Here are some of the services a professional locksmith can handle:

Key cutting

If you need a key duplicated or you want someone else to have a key to your house, a locksmith will help you out by duplicating the key. It depends on the number of copies you need. The good thing is that the locksmith will help you cut keys for any type of lock or padlock.

Door and window locks

A locksmith is one of those people who can professionally install a door or window lock for you. The standard UPVC door and window is one of the common areas of locksmiths. UPVC locks and windows are a special area of locksmithing and most MLA locksmiths can supply, install and repair window and door locks.

Auto Locksmith

This is a specialist area of locksmithing. The professional locksmiths offer auto locksmithing services where they specialize in car keys and motorcycle keys. If you lose your car keys, the professional locksmith will not only get you access to the car but can also program a key for you. Not all auto keys are to be cut. Some are to be cut and programmed according to the model of the car and a professional locksmith can easily do that.

24-hour Emergency locksmith

Sometimes the odd things happen at odd hours. You might have come from work late but when you get to the door you find that you don’t have the house keys and it is late at night. This is the time the 24hour locksmith will help you out. You are probably so tired you can’t even find the energy to knock down the door even if you wanted. The professional locksmith will help you out at the unsociable hour where no one else can help you.

Access control

There are areas in a building that need controlled access. Professional locksmiths will specify, supply and install electronic access control systems. These doors are specially made and the locksmith is the best person who understands how it works and how to maintain the electronic door.

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