Locksmithing is my life and I love this life,
It’s the bread and butter for me and my wife.
When someone calls for help, I feel like a hero,
Though, I just have to find a combination of ones and zero.
Have you locked your car keys and standing in the cold?
Don’t worry; I will be there before you can say “lo and behold”!
I love the whirring sound of the drills,
My job is plain and simple with no frills.
Your loved one is locked inside and you don’t have keys,
Don’t worry; I will do the job even if I have to climb trees.
I love the jangling of keys on my belt,
They have yet not made a lock that can’t be dealt.
I have so many funny stories in my stock,
See if they don’t put you in a shock.
One day I got a call, to make a new key like the old,
I made the key but then was told.
Make it better than what it was before,
I can’t, I said, but please don’t get sore.
This is a fact of life you see,
A copy is a copy; I can’t wipe mistakes even for a handsome fee.
Value the original, for they are like gold,
This is something that my grandmother told.
And so each day as I earn, I also learn,
You need to keep walking, don’t stop but maybe take a turn.
I take pride in everything about Locksmithing,
It can save lives if the locks are installed with proper fitting.
Double check your locks and keep away from harm,
Keep keys with you, for locks can’t be opened with a magic charm.
There are few rules of Locksmithing,
Never call two of us when one is enough for the thing.
I know my job, I know the lock,
Let me do it in peace and please don’t talk.
My work day is quite simple,
I start early with a smile and maybe a dimple.
I will rush and stand by you, even though you feel like a fool,
Its only when you smile that I pack my tool.
When you say, I made your day,
You have no idea your words made my pay.
Now that it’s time for me to go home,
I am satisfied with the joy I gave some.
This is the best about my job and my skills,
It gives smiles, laughter and thrills.
Sometimes I feel just like Santa clause,
With each day being Christmas and I getting peoples applause.
See why I love Locksmithing,
It turns me into a hero and a legend and just short of a king.
I would do nothing else but this,
Nothing would make me give my day at work a miss.
Locks and keys are my love,
For me there is nothing more above.
Lock your doors and sleep tight,
If you can’t find keys please don’t fight.
Call me as I am your man of the hour,
I hope I don’t come to find your keys under the jar!

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