Automotive Locksmith PearlandMost people think that once your has a car alarm, then there is no need of taking other precaution to prevent your car from being stolen. Consider this, is the US alone, a car is stolen every 44 seconds. Do you think these cars don’t have car alarms? Astonishingly, most of them have. Here we have researched five best tips for protecting your vehicle from car theft.

Know where your car key is

Is your vehicle missing? The first question that police officer asks where your car keys are including the spare keys. Sometimes people hide car spare keys under the mat on the front door while others place it under the wheel-well. The problem is criminals are humans, and they know where to find your car keys. If you don’t know where your car keys are, or you have given them to someone who don’t need them anymore, your car may be at risk.

Take your valuables with you.

When parking a car, make sure all your values are with you. Laptops, smartphones, tablets, wallets and other valuables do not belong in your car. Sometimes, a few coins left somewhere in the car can attack the bad guys.

Avoid leaving your car running.

If you leave your car running, it becomes an immediate target for the bad guys. You can easily avoid car theft by taking extra precaution and making sure your car is not running when not in use. Turn it off completely. Don’t start your car and head back inside your house or office and leave it running. The next thing you find coming out after even some seconds is an empty packing.

Park intelligently

Due to busy work schedule or rushing to shop, sometimes we don’t mind where we park. Parking should be done in the most intelligent way, if you want to deter car theft. Choose a well-lit area and close to the entrance or near security cameras.

Make sure all the windows and doors are closed

Whenever you park, make sure to close all door windows before locking the car. Although it might look like a simple tactic, leaving your windows open attracts criminals and makes it easier for them.

These tips together with a car alarm will deter criminals from targeting your car. If you’re a have a teenager in your home, make sure to pass the tips to them. Don’t forget the bad guy is watching your every move.

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