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Transponder Car KeyToday, car keys are the order of the day because of the importance of always having an extra key to avoid any unforeseen with the main key of your vehicle. More and more users are choosing to make a copy of their manual car key, (transponder car keys) always to have a simple spare part of taking everywhere.

What Is A Transponder?

The transponder is a wireless control device, for the acceptance of a key through radio frequency signals. It actually is responsible for automatically receiving and responding to an incoming signal. The transponder system allows communication between a chip located inside our key and the vehicle’s computer.

When we activate the remote key, the central computer of our car recognizes us. It allows the opening, so if this chip is lost or damaged due to an accident, it will be impossible to open the car.



The transponders used in vehicles are classified as:

Fixed Code: Are those transponders that on each occasion are “interrogated” by the Vehicle’s Security System (Immobilizer), respond with the same code. They are easily copied or cloned directly with our equipment.

Evolutionary Code Are those transponders that on each occasion that is “interrogated” by the Vehicle’s Security System (Immobilizer), respond with a different code that evolves based on an evolutionary algorithm. Today these types of systems are unenforceable and cannot be activated in the vehicle. Several brands of current vehicles use these systems.

Crypto or Crypto Code: These are transponders that, on each occasion where they are “interrogated” by the Vehicle’s Security System (Immobilizer), respond with the same code. Still, this code is “covered” or masked by a program. In these cases, only transponders equal to those of the original key can be activated or programmed using specialized equipment.

Types O Car Key Duplicates:

There are three ways to duplicate a key with the transponder, depending on the characteristics. For example, if the customer has any key if instead, he has lost all the essentials, the car brand. Depending on each case, one type of duplicate or another will be carried out:

Direct connection to your vehicle’s computer through another computer and “only through the computer port.” In this case, the vehicle is essential for the duplication.

Duplicate the key from an external computer to that of the vehicle. In this case, the vehicle does not intervene in the process. It will only depend on the chip and the car brand.

Emergency programming: Some elements of the vehicle intervene, but no computer is connected.

How Do Transponder Keys Work?

The system of dragging cars has changed a lot since the last century. In the twentieth century, they were started by giving it a crank. No key was necessary to do so, what was left of safety. Subsequently, common keys began to be used to start them, keys that had only the drawing and profile of it as a security system. In the 21st century, Transponder Car Keys began to be used.
This transponder system is what allows the car to be operated.

Make communication between a chip that is inside our key and the computer integrated into the vehicle. When using the key with distance, the computer of our car recognizes it, and thus, it opens. If that chip is damaged or we lose it, we will not be able to open the car.

“Transponder” comes from the union of two words “transmitterr” and “respond,” transmit and respond. This procedure is the one that performs the key chip. It transmits a unique code that reaches the car’s computer and performs the stipulated functions.

If you have deconfigured, lost, or broken this chip, you always have the option to get another. To duplicate it, either because you want to have another key or because the current one has deteriorated.

A simple process is carried out, but for which specialized machines are necessary. The first step is to select the appropriate chip for the car model and the key housing. It is essential to have the original key to copy the information with the particular cloning machine, which will also be specified for each vehicle model.

When the transponder chip has the information inserted. It is inserted into the chosen housing where the sprat is also located. In case the key has it (some more modern models no longer integrate it). Finally, the necessary tests are carried out to certify the safety and its correct functioning.

If you need to make a copy of your vehicle key to feel more secure in case of any unforeseen event, you can contact the best locksmith.

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