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High-Security Grade 1 LockThe lock is one of the critical aspects of the protection of commercial and residential sites. If an enclosure is well protected and has adequate locks, its unauthorized access will be almost unlikely. In itself, (High-Security Grade 1 Lock) it is the element responsible for locking and unlocking the door.

Different brands, security levels, and models, etc.: It is difficult to make such judgments among such a variety of security mechanisms that exist in the market. For this reason, in this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about security locks. So that you can generate an objective and real judgment before which are the functions and guarantees of each type of lock. Even choose the one that suits your needs, both security level and economical.

Closures exist in different aspects, such as having an unusual amount of blocking points, from one point, 5 points, and up to 7 closing points. As well as different aspects, each brand can have different ranges in the level of security that its closures, various options for each type of door, gate, etc.,

FAC type locks, classic designs, modern, invisible, mechanical, electrical designs, electromechanical, magnetic, anti-panic, knob, glass, for escape routers, firewalls, access controls, among many others. So, the question arises that which type of lock should be taken into account?

So, you can choose a High-Security Grade 1 Lock.

Locks Of A Closing Point:

Locks of this type are generally of the types for embedding, to superimpose, they can be electromechanical or magnetic. They are usually used as a second door lock. When we have a three-point lock installed, we can reinforce its locking system by placing a safety type of embedded because the shape of the sausage, with bars at the top and bottom, does not allow the installation of an overlay.

Additionally, install a safety cylinder and an armored security shield with which we will increase the resistance time of our security system at the door, making it difficult for thieves to force or manipulate the lock. Each of the different closures has the correct way to install, which is vital to take into account when choosing our closures.

Slip Lock – High-Security Grade 1 Lock:

It is also necessary to mention that the most advisable and comfortable thing. The lock that we want to install as a second alternative is not a slip since it is a slip. It is necessary to have to open with two keys at the same time every time we want to enter our home. Somewhat awkward and slow process for many, even when leaving our house or business, we will have to use both hands to manage to slide the door slips.

The whole procedure is precisely the same purpose as FAC type locks. The only difference is that when installing a double mechanism, the level of security can be higher. However, this will depend on whether the lock system is anti -leverage, anti-breakage, etc. In fact, the quality of the safety cylinder that is decided to be installed, and if it is a shield, it is armored or not.

Three-point Security Locks – High-Security Grade 1 Lock:

These systems are mainly recommended as main door locks, whether wooden, metal, or armored doors. The closures of this type can be found to overlap and inlay equally, a situation that does not compromise the level of security in any way.

Five Point And Seven Point Locks:

The primary function of the closing points is that the thief has to make the more significant effort when attacking the door with a lever, so the process of scuffling at the door is more time consuming and tired.

Automatic And Anti-Lever Locks:

Anti-card system: When, for some reason, the user of the house or business has left and left the door unlocked, many of the thieves have the possibility of opening the door using the method known as card or radiography. This type of mechanism has a system that prevents such situations.

Automatic Closing: Using a mechanism composed of anti-lever hooks arranged at various points, when the door is closed, the closures are activated automatically, a crucial system that saves us from a great hurry in case of forgetting to close the door with the key.

The hooks are collected automatically when we activate the handle from the inside of the door or using the keys. It is possible on many occasions, thanks to the characteristics of this type of safety locks, to be used as a substitute lock, saving labor and all that entails.

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