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Peephole InstallationThe peephole is part of the front door, without which we have not imagined life for a long time. This is a kind of pass to our home: we see the guest and decide whether we want to let him in or not.

Modern models of the door peephole make it possible to monitor what is happening on the landing remotely, from the office, or while on vacation. The market provides a vast selection so that you can find something to your liking, requests, and wallet.

Lenses, in turn, can also be of two types: glass and plastic. Plastic is comparatively cheaper than glass but quickly fails, loses crystal transparency. The first signs of aging you will find in 2-3 years. Therefore, it is better to purchase a peephole with glass lenses. Additionally, some door eyes are equipped with armor-piercing glass lenses.

The size of the device varies from the thickness of the door leaf. The metal sheet is thinner than wood, but modern doors practice layering so that a steel door can be thicker than an old wooden
Eyelet installation 2 in Peephole Installation.

Standard The eyepiece and lens form a single line and are located opposite each other. It is the simplest and most affordable peephole option. It is customary to install it on simple door models.
Periscope: Represents a more elaborate design. There are two eyepieces on the inside, and a lens on the outside. The image is transmitted to the second eyepiece using mirror lenses.

The outer part of such a peephole is located outside the door leaf, usually on top or at the ends. Outside, no one will guess that a resident of the house can observe him.

Eye-3 Installation:

Panoramic: Difficulties in installation overshadow the large eyepiece, large body diameter, and the ability to look “in both eyes.” Transmission lenses are located inside the structure. But the viewing angle is extensive – you see the entire landing.

Installing Eyelet-4:

An electronic peephole with a video camera. The most modern look of a door peephole. It has the function of video recording, recording, and even broadcasting. Therefore, you can easily find out what happened on the site in your absence.

Peephole Installation: A metal door the principle of installing the door peephole is identical for doors of any material, whether steel, wood or veneer. When working with metal, there is only one fundamental difference. The thickness of the door and the density of the material.

Steps for installing a panoramic device in a metal door: Using chalk or pencil, mark the location of the future eye. Consider the growth of all family members and choose an average value. To avoid deformation of the interior of the door or its cover, stick a film or electrical tape at the drilling site.

Measure the diameter of the eye housing. If the part has an internal thread, use a drill bit wider than the result obtained by half a millimeter.

Electronic Door Peephole Installation:

A video peephole is a sophisticated type of device that makes life safer. Unlike classic counterparts, the electronic peephole is easy to use and has an impressive range of functions. Kinds Today, it is customary to distinguish three types of electric eyes; Wireless with color recording function.

It is installed as an ordinary peephole. The image quality is inferior to monochrome and costs more. But it has the function of video recording in color.

Benefits Of Peephole Installation:

Despite the complexity of the design and installation, as well as the high price, video peephole is gaining popularity. What is the reason? Consider the main advantages of electronic analog:

⦁ Display image on the monitor.
⦁ Night vision function.

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