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Electric Strike Locks An Electric Strike Locks will bring more security to your home. Nowadays, more and more people are turning to this type of locks for the door of their house. It is a measure that is usually taken to implement security. What advantages has the installation of an Electric Strike Locks compared to other conventional locks? An electric lock will bring more security to your home. Nowadays, more and more people are turning to this type of locks for the door of their house. It is a measure that is usually taken to implement security. Advantages Of The Electric Strike Locks: Traditional locks use a metal key. They are the most common locks. The keys have been present in the opening mechanisms of the doors throughout history. But electric locks propose a form of closure in which we don’t need to use a key. The locks are often called horizontal or vertical, depending on the dimensions of your box. Thus, when they are taller than deep, they are described as vertical; when they are more in-depth than tall, they are horizontal. They are safer Security is one of the main reasons why many people change their lock and install an electric one. This type of locks has a mechanism that locks the door in case it detects that an unauthorized person is trying to open it. It also has a locking mechanism if it discovers that the opening is being forced with any type of tool. Conventional keys are not used, so they are not lost. One of the objects that we lose most is the keys. This, with an electric lock, does not happen. So we do not run the risk of someone making a copy of the key when lost. They have limited authorized access Doors with electric locks will only allow access to authorized persons, as scheduled. The Electric Locks Are Programmable: This type of locks has a system that allows you to program them with different codes, depending on each person. This way, you can regulate the person who has entered the house. For example, if we want to authorize the entry of a person in a timely manner only for a few days, in this way, we can control it. Features Of Electric Strike Locks: There is a lock called automatic lock with the same dimensions as the lock most used in the office. Simply replace the fixed lever lock and replace the strike with the electric strike. In an emergency, it can be unlocked with a key, so it can also be used with a master key. ⦁ Durability With Patented Design: When the unlock signal is received, it will be pulled in as shown in the figure. If the door is opened in this state, the latch bolt will not be caught, and the door can be opened. ⦁ No Need To Process Door Frame: When installing an Electric Strike Locks on the office door, the door must be processed. Generally, when mounting an electric strike, the frame side must be processed, but the radius side locking technology of Electric Strike does not require the frame side. ⦁ Easy Installation: Since a special plate is manufactured according to the lock genuine troyoke plate commonly used, if the installation conditions are met, the work can be completed with only the wiring and installation of the strike. Compared to attaching an electric lock, it does not require time and effort for door processing and mounting of a current-carrying bracket. ⦁ The Finish Is Beautiful: Since it can be installed without processing the door, it is recommended for installation where you want to keep the appearance. How To Auto-Lock Doors In Offices And Stores: In general, there were methods such as attaching a battery type lock or processing a door and attaching an electric lock. Many battery locks can be installed without processing the door but considering the battery consumption. It was not suitable for doors with many doors. To make an electric lock, it takes time to process the door, and if the dimensions change, it will be necessary to attach a plate to fill the hole so that the appearance will change. The Electric Strike can change the appearance and auto-lock the existing door without changing the appearance.

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