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Magnetic Door LocksThe distinctive qualities of a magnetic lock on a door are its reliability, silence, and ease of operation. In addition, the absence of said design of mechanisms and parts that move in the lock guarantees the durability of its operation. There are two main types of Magnetic Door Locks: passive and electromagnetic. Magnetic locks for cabinet doors and various devices are passive locks that receive no additional power and have a small retention force. More powerful magnetic locks on entrance doors consist of a body with an electromagnet. However, a magnetically permeable backplate, which makes it impossible to open doors without using a unique key. The principle of operation of the magnetic lock is that thanks to a relatively powerful electric magnet, which attracts a metal plate located on the door leaf, the door matrix is kept closed. To leave the room or get there, you must press the entry/exit button to remove the electrical voltage from the locking device. This type of Magnetic Door Locks is used to fix blinds, close cabinets, and fasten knots of removable technical structures. The magnetic latch includes a core and two permanent magnets in the form of rings that face each other with opposite poles. In the closed position of the valves, the core interacts with both magnets. When the valves open, the core changes, and the interaction between the magnets ceases. The magnetic closing locks have no protruding parts; however, you can choose a product of any metallic colors (chrome, bronze, etc.) according to the taste of the homeowner. To install a door lock with a magnetic latch, install the first part of the latch and apply a small layer of plasticizing to the door area. After closing the door, Magnetic inlay locks Mortise locks are used in houses, apartments, institutions, manufacturing facilities, automatic doors, where special resistance against door theft is required. A distinctive feature of mortise locks is an external bar installed at the end of the door. It is possible to open or close magnetic mortise locks with a key, a pin, or a profile cylinder. To install a magnetic inlay lock, an opening is made at the end into which the device is inserted. At the door, the lock is held by support, which is strictly individual for each lock. According to the opening method, the locks can be single-sided, opening with a key on one side, and two sides, which can be opened with a key on both sides of the door. Silent locks are considered the most convenient; their design uses a “tab” that interacts with the backplate only when the door is closed. It is better to entrust the installation of a magnetic mortise lock to a specialist since special precision is required when inserting it. In case of an emergency blackout, the magnetic lock is unlocked alone, which ensures smooth evacuation. But the need for an uninterruptible power supply is at the same time an inconvenience of the electromagnetic lock. When the power is turned off, the device loses the ability to block the door, in this sense. It is desirable to provide a high-quality uninterruptible power supply. Or even to install, together with the electromagnetic, an additional mechanical or electromechanical lock. This will prevent the door from opening in case of an electrical failure. When planning the installation of a magnetic lock, you should choose a well-established manufacturer and high-quality accessories. Detail About Magnetic Door Lock: Magnetic Door Locks is an electrical access control lock. The magnetic door lock is also an electric lock that opens the door when it is turned off. Current Magnetic Locks are compared well above conventional locks and cost less than conventional light bulbs to operate. Power supplies that incorporate a slow-charge lead-acid battery pack should be used to maintain the safety of short-term power outages. For example, their durability and rapid operation can make them valuable in a high traffic office environment where electronic authentication is necessary. Advantages Of Magnetic Door Lock: The performance is relatively stable, and the repair rate will be lower than other electronic access control locks. It is easy to install, and it is not necessary to dig the hole of the lock, just use the wire channel, and fix the body of the lock with screws.

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