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Profile Cylinder LocksNot all compatible locks for your door are reliable, durable, and resistant to theft. In fact, it does not know the quality and origin of some of these locks that we can make incorrect purchases. Profile Cylinder Locks, it is essential to have excellent professionals like us, experts in online sales of locks of prestigious brands.

The Safety And Practicality Reasons:

Let’s see the main ones:

1. It is more challenging to open deftly than the traditional double vane lock European cylinders cannot be opened with the “Bulgarian pick.” A tool that has been extended in recent years and has made conventional double-blade locks extremely vulnerable.

It is not surprising that modern European profile cylinder locks have replaced many old double pallet locks. In addition, always with respect to double vane locks, the European cylinder has a narrower fissure for the introduction of the key.

It crucially makes it more challenging to introduce and maneuver unlocking instruments. As we will see, the cylinder may be vulnerable to other skillful opening techniques, such as lock picking and the bumping key, for which there are also effective countermeasures.

2. May have excellent resistance to brute force attacks. In recent years we have developed very resistant cylinders from the mechanical point of view. However, also equipped with drill-proof pins and tear-proof reinforcements.

Security shields have also been developed, which, combined with the cylinder, dramatically increase the resistance of attacks carried out with brute force, in fact achieving a very safe system.

3. It is very compact compared to other types of locks, such as double vane. The European cylinder locks may have a smaller size, so they are suitable for use in narrow spaces, such as aluminum profiles, in the frames of glass doors or windows, and security gates.

4. It is available in a wide variety of sizes and models. European profile cylinders are available in a wide variety of lengths and variants so that they can be adapted to virtually any need. They can be chosen from the safest to the most economical, with a traditional key or with a punched point key.

5. It can be integrated into locks and is interchangeable Profile Cylinder Locks. These are systems composed of two parts: the lock itself, that is, the mechanism with the latch/ bolt, and the cylinder that commands it.

In this way, it is possible, if necessary, to change only the cylinder or only the lock, for example, if a single part malfunctions or because you want to mount another one of higher category.

6. Allows key systems with Profile Cylinders Locks, can make advantageous key systems: at home, like the same key systems (where the same key opens different locks); in neighboring communities, in hotels, offices, warehouses, and communities, or the general master key and group master key systems.

What essential aspects do you have to define to choose a lock correctly?
For a lock change without any problem:

⦁ Disassemble the affected model.
⦁ Take a meter, a sheet, a pencil and take measurements and write down everything that can be measured;
⦁ A look at the door opening system, and finally compare and acquire the new lock.

To correctly understand the operation of a lock, let’s try to assign a definition to the most common terms and explain the function of the different elements that make up this device.

⦁ Lock: the closing system that can be operated with a handle, a key, or a button. Most often, the locks allow you to close and lock a door (handle + key).
⦁ Closing: a door closes thanks to a handle that activates a lock.
⦁ Blocking: not to be confused with closing. A door is locked by means of a key lock.
⦁ Opening pushing to the right: the lock opens to the right when the door is opened by pushing.
⦁ Opening pushing to the left: your lock works to the left when you open the door pushing.

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